Michele knight weekly horoscope 9 february

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  3. The week ahead for taurus

Your ability to create compromise could result in a winning love result as Ceres trines Uranus the following day. Sometimes this also means being a warrior for self-love as Mars rules boundaries. Venus is shortly on the move — into your 9 th the same day as a new Moon strikes your 8 th on the 26 th , promising freedom in the name of love. Or simply the freedom to pursue what you love. This Moon reminds you that passion is an essential emotional ingredient.

This is not just the house of what you share materially. But it also has a strange alchemy to it that rules what you create from the deepest source within yourself that you can share with the world. So, why deprive the world of all that, Taurus? Neptune direct in your 11 th from the 28 th asks that you look to the sub-text and what is meant rather than being directly said when it comes to friends however. In other words, the opposite tactic you need to take to that of your one-on-one relationships. Neptune rules nuance, non-verbal communication and yes, those psychic instincts.

What is all this telling you? Pay attention now. You could be ahead of the curve now. Do your due diligence however, but if this backs up that gut instinct, run with that idea! Flex those superpowers as we head towards the end of the month and embrace new ways of relating now. The 28 th sees Venus trine Uranus asking you to be a little bolder and a lot more daring.

Where is your True North, Taurus? Your ruler is now in your house of exploration, learning and adventure. Is the adventure that calls you a journey, that big career opportunity or that new love? Time to enter a brave new world on some level which requires you to stretch those heart muscles and even dare to create a new deal with someone as Venus conjuncts Ceres on the 30 th.

Dare to suggest something new, or accept something which allows you to step outside your normal sphere of experience. November involves going back to what love really means to you. And then reshaping this in a new way for your future. In a nutshell: How far will you go for love this November, Taurus? Either for a new one or to reclaim what it means to you? Passion is your compass and your heart has the map. Start the journey! Something needs to be brought out into the open for you and perhaps this is just you owning up to what you truly want and need, Taurus.

January asks you to get to the bottom of something and also not to be afraid any more of upsetting the apple cart when it comes to owning up to what that big, sensual heart of yours desires.

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And most probably also in ways that will cause the maximum disruption. Unwrap those questions or true feelings like late Christmas gifts and share them. The key to making the most of this year will be flexibility. To be willing to change direction. To explore different options and different ways of doing things. To not to get too attached to plans and to go with the flow. For this year and the following six to come, sometimes you may feel that life has a strange and charmed direction all of its own.

And all you can do is go along for the ride. You are the leader of the soul evolution now Taurus. Expect radical changes to how you see and interact with the world, and perhaps even around your image and how you look. Last year, you had a preview night in the astrological sense, of what this seven-year cycle may bring you as Uranus briefly entered your sign in May, turned retrograde in August, then re-entered Aries again in November.

This March however, it re-enters for the next seven years. Hang on to your hats because you are set to explore a wild new side of yourself — and your world! Look at alternatives — something which may or may not have occurred to you, in all areas of your life is going to feature as Uranus is not only the planet of the revolution, but also of our individuality.

Are you living your uniqueness? Showing the world what that is? Pay particular attention to this when ruler Venus arrives in your 1st on May 16 and meets Uranus on the This takes place just days after a new Moon in your sign on the 14th — a Moon which I can only describe as marking the point of a rebirth or reawakening for you and which could result in a whole new you with a new look at a new set of dreams to go with that.

The answer is there are now more alternatives available to you than you ever dreamed possible. But for you, it will feel all very up close and personal. However, you could be right where the smart money is at now provided you are ready to embrace that new value system. Which may be pretty well self-defined. Uranus rules the self-starter, the success story, the entrepreneur, the maverick, the rebel. But not in a way that breaks every rule. The rebel who plays by their own rules. Is this you now? As your values re-align to your true self, so will your priorities. Which in turn will open up all those alternatives and possibilities for you.

What is priceless for you? What cannot be bought and what are you willing to sell?

And for how much? If you have been locked into a way of dealing with the material world, your money and investments that is not truly your own, then Uranus is about to shake you free of that. You currently have Jupiter, the planet of abundance and luck, sitting in your 8th of shared assets, loans, what you owe and are owed and corporate money.

Now, Jupiter in our 8th is traditionally associated with a legacy. And of course, neither do we want the inevitable loss and pain that often accompanies this. Bear in mind that there is more than one kind of legacy. Receiving backing or support for your idea is a legacy — and you may be creating one of your own in the process. Your 8th is your house of power money so this can be you receiving a raise, salary increase or other benefits.

Michele Knight – Horoscope Predictions

You only accept those that respect your independence. This week is a turning point, look out for a chance to shift up and feel your Griffin power. Virgo 7 of Wands. Having fear of confrontation or rejection is often embedded from childhood wounds. Perhaps we owe it to our soul to open and be free from false fears and negative self-talk? You have the same rights to be heard as anyone else. Do you have a bossy friend or family member who likes to moan on about how things should be done?

Are they good at pointing the finger but never taking responsibility for their own cock-ups? You are determined to do what is right for you.

Your Weekly Tarotscope 25th Feb 12222

Kind and loving being, you deserve to be heard. This might coincide with a desire to declutter, flog stuff on eBay, get fit and finally speak your mind. Do you feel lucky? A splurge of fabulous is raining down on you this week. A desire, a longing or a cosmic order or wish you threw into the cosmos is about to come true. When you feel lovable the universe feels a sigh of relief because it is how things should be.

Fingers crossed this week your scales are balanced and you have a moment of harmony within yourself. Laughter, loving and open-heartedness surround you. Your creative potential is unlimited so put your passion into action. Scorpio 4 of Wands. Your home is calling out for attention. You might get an unexpected visitor popping around this week or a date night lead to yours. Your home is your temple, it is an outward reflection of your inner world.

The brightest blessings are coming your way to bring you balance. Open your arms to a loving family member who is trying to support you, let your guard down and listen to what they have to say. Humans spend half the time assuming what others are going to say, think or do next and most of the time we are wrong! We all have our wounds and defences, let yours down now and head towards making your space a healing one.

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If you have children, put the effort into doing their fav home things this week and you should be richly rewarded. Oh, and if you want to move there might be a breakthrough this week. Queen of Swords.

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  5. Your ideas are sharp as an Ellen one-liner, and your soul is busy channelling excellent ideas. Use your brilliant mind to be one step ahead. Go old school, grab a notebook, jot down your plans, fantasies and dreams. Let your mind run free. Take a long walk with the specific intention of solving a problem, you will be amazed at the solutions that arise from your being. The answer is you of course. Set off in full flight after something new now. Your 8 th house is after all, your house of passion.

    How do you get that? Change of course! Ruler Venus is in your 8 th of friends, contacts and of course, those wild, beautiful dreams that make our soul come alive. You want the new and also, something more meaningful and resonant. Spiritual compatibility will be every bit as important as shared interests in all your interactions now.

    If you connect with someone who fires up your imagination — even better. Feel the heat — and create the change. In a nutshell: You may not usually welcome change. But this week is different. Your reputation, how you are known and what you are known for is probably your greatest asset now.

    Mars in your partnership zone could see you wanting more freedom in your relationships. And perhaps that is freedom to call the shots — or at least some of them. News could have a direct impact on a close connection — anyone from your marriage partner or long term lover, to a business associate or boss. Is someone expecting to get things all their own way? Or making unilateral decisions for both of you? But everyone needs to sit in the hot seat and call the shots once in a while.

    So ensure you get your turn. Venus and then ruler Mercury meeting Neptune in your 10 th could just see you radiating that aura of success now. Have a concrete strategy and the facts to back you up. Know your stuff. And act the part. Your image has a massive role to play in all this. Single twins could attract a lover with serious potential. You need someone who knows what they want — just as you need to know the same thing. Take turns this week, Gemini. Single twin?

    That flirtation could go the distance — so follow through. Take time to smell the Sunflowers or if you are in the Northern Hemisphere, as it is winter, then gaze at the stars. Not just that but Mars in your 6 th amounts to mistakes and even accidents if you rush. And the really big question which is: why am I doing this in the first place? As a result your focus or priorities may shift this week. Towards the freedom of just focussing on what you care about. You know who or what that is, Cancer.

    Your soul is calling out to you to explore a few new possibilities for yourself.

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    5. Buy a ticket towards something big this week. In a nutshell: Taking some time out allows you to focus on what really matters, Cancer. Deep down you know what that is. Stop, reconnect and recommit to it this week. Fate and destiny have a massive role to play especially when it comes to lovers, children and your creativity this week, Leo. Are you ready for a date with destiny?

      The week ahead for taurus

      Fiery Mars is heating up your 5 th with passion and daring now. As a result, everything lightens up, work seems like play or you take steps to create work that feels that way! They just want to feel that heat, Leo. So radiate now! Passion now becomes more than just physical attraction. You crave connection on a soul level too. A relationship transforms or the past could feature as Venus and then Mercury meet Neptune in your 8 th.

      You dive into new depths of understanding that is almost telepathic with your partner or attract one who just may be able to offer that to you. You can be transported to a new realm of sensuality and connection or you can be wrapped up in delusion and obsession and not see things how they really are. Keep those boundaries Mars in place and then when you come back down to earth, the reality just may continue to be everything you hoped for.

      In a nutshell: Is it a dream or is it reality? Chances are you can make reality live up to the dream or even better it now, Leo. Often destiny works in the background.

      The week ahead for aries

      Fate ensuring we went down a particular path. So, look beyond the obvious and probe below the surface this week. Mysterious tides form with the intention of ensuring that ultimately you end up exactly where you are supposed to be. This is not a week to drift with the current however. It is a time to take action based on what doors swing open and which ones are closed as Mars in your 4 th angles to the North Node in your 12 th. Are these doors in your heart? Destiny may be taking a hand in partnership matters or any venture involving you and at least one other person now.

      Ruler Mercury meets Neptune for some spiritual communion in your 7 th on the 25 th.